What to Expect

  • Free consultation by phone
  • Assessment of current speech and language skills or review of your assessment by another Speech Language Pathologist is needed first.
  • Goals are determined based on your child’s age and skill level.
  • Progress is shared briefly following each session and overall at the end of the 8 week term of treatment.
  • Sessions are not timed and length will be determined in part by your child’s age and ability to attend.  Generally 25 to 40 minutes is customary and then a brief follow up as needed.  Extended consultation may require another appointment.
  • Some children have not developed the prerequisite skills such as sitting at a table, visually attending to the therapist, and keeping hands and feet to themselves.  As a result, these skills may need to be taught in conjunction with speech language goals.
  • To receive the maximum benefit from therapy, home practice is expected.  A notebook with activities is provided.
  • Plan to remain in your home during the session.
  • Fees are paid each session and receipt for submission to your insurance is provided on request.  As insurance coverage varies, check your policy before beginning therapy.

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