Autism Notes

Autism is now referred to as Autism Spectrum Disorder.  It is so prevalent these days that many parents ask if their young child has it the fist time I see them!

My take aways from the Fall 2015 Autism Conference sponsored by  Kennedy Kreiger:

1. Occupational therapists say that not all children with sensory issues have ASD, but most children with ASD have sensory issues.

2.  GI and Behavioral Speciaists say children with ASD 4X more likely  have GI issues due to food selectivity, exaggerated sensory responses, behavior and meds.

3. Psychologists say that 40% of youth with ASD meet thethe criterja for anxiety disorder.

4. Adults on the spectrum say 63% of them have beenbullied.they need self advocacy skills, speech/language development, coping strategies,  enhanced supervision, and social skills.

The  good news:  Early Intervention

Get a screening if you have concerns!